Spinal Problems May Begin at Birth With Most Left Untreated

Childbirth itself is probably the first shock to the spine and nervous system that the infant receives. There is pressure on the infant at the time of delivery and the potential pull on the infant’s head and neck even during a normal, uncomplicated delivery.

As the child develops there is the usual process of crawling, walking running and other activities. During this time, we witness many falls simply due to learning these activities. Because of their youth they are always able to bounce back. But there is always the question if there was any damage done?

Chiropractors place a lot of emphasis on structural balance and the potential problems which can result from seemingly harmless childhood incidents. The strains to which children are subject to can easily be a contributing factor in creating spinal distortions, (subluxations), and nerve irritation.

Chiropractic care for babies and young children may be new to some. The techniques used are specific and very gentle. Spinal irritation in babies and children often don’t cause problems that adults experience. You may notice:

– Colic or reflux
– Sleeping difficulties
– Irritability or being unsettled
– Poor feeding
– Trouble turning the head one way
– Flat Head or flatness on one side of the skull
– Can’t Roll Over
– Poor Posture
– Inability to sit still
– Turned in Foot
– Excessive Clumsiness
– Growing Pains

Chiropractic doesn’t treat these symptoms. Instead it addresses the function of the spine and nervous system. A subluxation, (misalignment), may irritate the nerves which may in turn produce symptoms. Correction of the subluxation can lead to a reduction in the child’s symptoms.

Just as having your child’s teeth checked regularly proper spinal care is essential to your child’s health.

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