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CHIROPRACTIC comes from the Greek word: Chiropraktikos meaning ‘done by hand.’ Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure, (primarily the spine and pelvis) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.
Chiropractic is a health care discipline based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. These important functions are controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nervous system of the body.
Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts. As a science chiropractic is based on the premise that good health depends upon a normally functioning nervous system.

Body structures such as cells and organs function by impulses carried through nerves. When these nerve impulses travel uninterrupted the organs and cells of the body are able to function normally.
The skull protects the delicate tissues of the brain and the moving bones of the spine protect the pathways of the spinal column and nerve roots. If these nervous system pathways are impaired, malfunction of the tissue and organ function throughout the body can result.
When there is an interference, (too much or not enough nerve supply), there will be malfunction. The spinal cord has 31 pairs of spinal nerves which exit from the spinal column. The spine offers support and protection for these vital nerves. It can also cause irritation to the nervous system when it is not functioning properly.

What to Expect?

A Chiropractic consult will consist of a history of your complaint and a history of your medical health. This gives the chiropractor a background of your health, any surgeries, accidents, and, the onset of your condition. This is followed by an examination of your spine and related area of complaint to evaluate the structure and function.
Accidents, falls, uneven stress, tension or over-exertion are just some of the factors which may cause displacement or derangement of one or more of these vertebrae causing irritation to spinal nerves.
Being Healthy is Normal. Chiropractic also places an emphasis on nutrition and exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyle modifications.

Chiropractors restore proper spinal biomechanics by detecting a jammed or out of position vertebra. The adjustment will result in restoring proper nerve function.

Will I Need X-Rays?

X-rays are not necessary in all cases but may be taken to assist the chiropractor in determining the best treatment. X-rays from Pilbara Chiropractic centre are referred to Nickol Bay Hospital in Karratha and are bulk billed to Medicare.

What Happens Next?

After reviewing your history and your spinal examination, and, reviewing any x-rays the findings will be discussed with you. These findings may identify areas of spinal malfunction and resulting nerve irritation. Some chiropractic adjustments may be recommended.

Can I use my private health?

Yes. Pilbara Chiropractic Centre has TYRO Health Point facilities. This means you can swipe your Private Health Insurance card and will just have the gap to pay. You can ring your private health insurance to ask how much you are eligible to receive off your consultation


The concept of health maintenance is not new to the chiropractic profession. The primary procedure in chiropractic is to examine the spine and pelvis for any deviated positioning or malposition’s of the vertebrae which may be altering the normal supply to muscles and organs of the body.

The chiropractic approach to well-being is based on the concept of “maintaining health” versus “treating disease.” Health is more than the absence of disease. The body is capable of maintaining health, provided it is given proper essential ingredients, namely food, water, rest, clean air, adequate nutrition and a properly functioning nervous system. This is a primary characteristic of chiropractic care.

There is no definite answer to how long it will take to get well since every case is different, and, everyone is different. How long it will take to get well depends on many factors such as your age and weight, duration of condition, living habits, occupation, genetics, and attitude, and of course keeping your appointments.

It is important to remember that each adjustment builds on the one before it, just like physical therapy and exercise. Missing a number of appointments will compromise your recovery. This is especially true in more serious and chronic cases.

Getting well is a process. Regular adjustments reduce nerve interference, allowing the body to heal itself. If your goal is to get well as quickly as possible it is important to make up missed appointments.
If you think you or one of your loved ones is a candidate for chiropractic care, contact Pilbara Chiropractic Centre to arrange an examination in our practice.


The spine is the most important structure in your body. Dangerous exercising will put the spine under a lot of pressure and injury will occur.

Fractured or dislocated vertebrae, sprained ligaments, compressed disc, pinched nerves, torn muscles and loss of shape are only some pf the problems which may arise. Just sitting incorrectly in a chair will also cause damage and chronic pain may develop.

Your exercise program should include exercises which strengthen the spine and supporting muscles, increase spinal mobility and help to maintain the normal spinal curves throughout life. The general purpose of exercising is to improve specific components of your fitness and ensure that your heart and lungs function well. You should avoid carrying too much body fat. Ensure your spine and joints are flexible and mobile, and your muscles are toned, strong and have a good endurance capacity.

Pilbara Chiropractic Centre can assist with choosing exercises for a healthier back and neck. Phone us today on 9185 2071.



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