PILBARA CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE procedures during the cyclone season.

We would like to remind our patients of our opening hours and procedures during cyclone alerts:

Blue Alert: Business as usual. All appointments will continue.

Yellow Alert: If the Bureau of Meteorology has put a yellow alert in place by 8am on a given morning the Centre will not be opening. All appointments will be cancelled. If a yellow alert is called during a day and we are already open, your appointment may still take place. Contact us on 9185 2071 for further information.

Red Alert: The clinic will remain closed until the all clear is given.

In the event of a possible cyclone in our North West, or road closures that may prevent you from attending your appointment, please contact us by phone on 9185 2071.

If you are having trouble reaching us, further information may be available on our answering service, website updates, or via updates on the Pilbara Chiropractic Centre Facebook page.

For further information visit: www.bom.gov.au